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West Haven, Connecticut Probate Attorneys

West Haven, Connecticut Probate Attorneys

Estate Administration Lawyers You Know and Trust

Probate, also known as estate administration, is the legal process of validating a Last Will and Testament through which the assets of a deceased person are transferred to their beneficiaries and their final debts and expenses paid. This process is accomplished with court oversight and approval. Some assets, however, like life insurance policies or property held in trust, may pass outside of probate.

Estate administration is governed by complex laws. Weaving through this process can be confusing and difficult without the help of an experienced Connecticut probate attorney. The personal representative of an estate may be held personally liable if they fail to comply with the applicable legal requirements. For this reason, many people choose to have the experienced Connecticut probate attorneys at the Law Offices of Mirto & Rasile guide them through this process.

Attorneys Mirto and Rasile understand that while probate estate administration involves complex paperwork, financial accounting, and reports, there is much more involved than numbers and papers. We take pride in offering not just solid legal guidance, but also compassionate support for grieving families as they navigate the probate estate administration process.

The Law Offices of Mirto & Rasile have been assisting families for more than sixty years. As a full-service law firm, we offer you the support you need with a variety of legal matters. When your needs involve the loss of a loved one and the administration of a probate estate, it’s important that you can to turn to a firm you already know and trust.

If you have questions about estate administration, contact the experienced Connecticut probate lawyers at the Law Offices of Mirto & Rasile today.

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