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West Haven, Connecticut Appeals Lawyers

West Haven, Connecticut Appeals Lawyers

When You Need an Appellate Attorney, Call the Law Offices of Mirto & Rasile

Trial lawyers and appellate lawyers often have vastly different skill sets. Trials require the skills of a lawyer who has experience in the courtroom and can make convincing arguments to a jury. An experienced trial lawyer persuades a jury by skillfully presenting or highlighting facts and breaking down the law in easy to understand terms. Trial lawyers need to be able to think on their feet, responding to legal rulings that are thrust upon them in the middle of examining a witness or making a legal argument.

On the other hand, appeals require a lawyer who is a skillful researcher, an effective writer, and who knows how to artfully present oral argument to a judge on the legal issues in a case. An appeal can easily be won or lost based upon the researching, framing, and drafting of the appellate brief, which includes long factual and legal analysis of complex and intricate issues. Additionally, appellate lawyers must know which arguments merit appellate attention and which issues may detract from the potentially meritorious ones. At oral argument, appellate lawyers must also be prepared to answer a barrage of questions from the appellate judges, and still be able to link these sometimes-disconnected questions to the broader context of the argument at hand.

More Than 60 Years Handling State and Federal Appeals in Connecticut

Attorneys Mirto and Rasile pride themselves on being both excellent trial lawyers and experienced appellate attorneys. The Law Offices of Mirto & Rasile has extensive experience in conducting criminal and civil appeals in the State of Connecticut Appellate Court, the Connecticut Supreme Court and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

With over sixty years of combined legal experience, the Connecticut appellate lawyers at the Law Offices of Mirto & Rasile offer a free, no obligation, confidential consultation to discuss your unique legal needs. From our offices in New Haven County we represent clients in Bridgeport and throughout Connecticut. Contact our West Haven law offices today to schedule a time to speak with us.

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